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Built on the best dairy traditions, Fattorie Osella champions the culture of refined taste and promotes the enjoyment of eating cheese.

An age-old vocation given fresh impetus by the creativity and talent of its founder, Dario Osella.

Dario Osella Caramagna Piemonte, a rural oasis situated near the slopes of Monte Viso and a stone's throw from the hills of the Langhe, is home to the dairy, an ideal environment in which the finest cheese-making heritage is preserved.

The surrounding pastures and traditional local dairy farms guarantee the goodness of Robiola, Linea, Scottarelle, Alpino and all Fattorie Osella cheeses.

This history, together with a modern production system and a keen sensitivity to the needs of consumers and the environment, are the factors that have made Fattorie Osella so successful in its endeavours to champion good living and eating.



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