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Robiola Osella Robiola Osella Robiola Osella Robiola Osella

Robiola Osella - 2 x 100g
Robiola Osella 2 x 100g
Robiola Osella 2 x 75g
Robiola Osella 2 x 75g
Cream cheeses

Robiola Osella

Robiola is the pride of Osella cheeses, the most well-known and appreciated for its creaminess and characteristically sour taste.

Ingredients used:
pasteurised milk, cream, salt, rennet.

Nutritional information
(average values per 100 g of product)
Energy value (kcal – kJ) 348 - 1436
Protein (g) 6.1
Carbohydrates (g) 2.1 of which sugars (g) 2.1
Fat (g) 35 of which saturates (g) 23
Dietary fibre (g) 0
Sodium (g) 0.3

Available sizes: 2x100 g and 2x75 g

Characteristics and processing: the product of Dario Osella's creative genius, Robiola Osella is today known and appreciated by all Italians, thanks in part to the jingle “Alle Fattorie” that features in our adverts year after year. It is a cheese with a delicate milky flavour and a creamy, velvety consistency: a real treat for the tastebuds. The pleasantly sour note brings to mind the freshness of the milk from which it is made. Robiola Osella is ideal spread on bread (for snacks, treats and appetisers), but can also be used as an ingredient in hundreds of scrumptious recipes (for pies, cakes and first/pasta courses).

Recipes with Robiola Osella


Robiola with pears, rocket and walnut


Dettaglio ricetta


Smooth pumpkin and robiola soup seasoned
with rosemary


Dettaglio ricetta


Potato and carrot fritters stuffed with


Dettaglio ricetta


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