Linea Minis

Linea Minis are bite size morsels of fresh, Primosale cheese. Thanks to their delicate flavour and practical size, they are perfect for a quick, cool meal, but also for creating appetisers to enjoy with friends!

Ingredients used

Pasteurized milk, salt, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Available sizes

Nutritional information

(average values per 100 g of product)

Energy848 kJ / 204 kcal
Fat(g) 16,0 of which saturates (g) 11,0
Carbohydrate(g) 1,5 of which sugars (g) 0,9
Protein(g) 12
Salt(g) 0,60
Calcium(mg) 346 (43% di VNR*)
*Reference nutritional values