Words from our farmers

“With Fattorie Osella we are the number one in Italy to respect an Animal Welfare program based on Fattorie. It is a nice project, for sure it cannot be considered as an arrival point, but as a starting one.”
Roberta, farmer


“The Animal Welfare Program has been very useful since it helped us to improve our company and our farms. Our cows feel better, the milk we give to Fattorie Osella is healthier and this is what certainly makes their cheeses so good.”
Gabriele, farmer


“At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical, then Animal Welfare Program surprisingly surprised me. The Program made us notice so many things we never paid attention on, and this helped us – today we have to be proud of what we have done and will do for Animal Welfare.”
Davide, farmer


“With Animal Welfare program we made a huge quality improvement, we will keep on working on this to maintain these standards.”
Enrico, farmer


“I am happy of being part of this big family and it is nice to create something new.”
Antonio, farmer