What is Pink Is Good?

Pink is Good.

pink-is-good-page-05The slogan is project’s title launched some time ago by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi to support the battle against breast cancer, which affects over 48,000 Italian women every year.
This number is less frightening today: thanks to prevention, which enables early diagnosis and prompt treatment, the fatal results can be reduced.

The aim of Pink is Good is to publicize and promote the rules of prevention, primary as life styles, and secondary with checks recommended for every age.

But Pink is Good is also a programme of tangible aid for research, with fund raising to finance research grants for doctors and scientists who devote their lives to the study and treatment of breast cancer.

Over the last 20 years, recovery from this type of cancer, which was once almost incurable, has doubled thanks to research.

It has also enabled the development of less invasive surgical techniques, which save breasts and their beauty, an important part of a woman’s femininity.

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