Dario Osella

A story made out of an authentic passion

Not only Dario Osella was the founder of Fattorie Osella, he was like its throbbing heart. He has led the company to be what it is today, thanks to his passion and curiosity.


Dario Osella was born on July 7th 1931, in Caramagna Piemonte (CN), from a family that had been making cheese for generations.

The 40s

dario-osella-giovane-01He attended the Carlo Alberto I Royal College in Moncalieri and then he applied to university, where soon afterwards he realized that his real vocation wasn’t to pursue the legal profession, but to produce cheese like his family had always done.


carretto-osella-beigeDario opened in Caramagna Piemonte the cheese factory which is still running today, taking care of it with sacrifices and dedication during the hard times following the Second World War. He invented the famous Robiola Osella and many more cheeses.


dario-osella-famiglia-01He married Anna Carlotti, a beautiful girl from Gorgonzola who had just won the title of “Miss Muretto di Alessio”, with whom he had two children, Gino and Rossella.

Nowadays, the Osella family still takes care of his cheese factory with the same passion and curiosity that he has always had.