The History of Fattorie Osella

A 150 years history.
It’s the story of an authentic passion, handed down from generation to generation to the present day, in a world in which modern elements and tradition are merged.


carretto-osella-beigeDario Osella’s grandfather, Giacomo, came down from the alpine pastures to sell his cheese with that cart which was to become the symbol of Fattorie Osella over 100 years later.



“His cheese making know-how was handed down from generation to generation for decades, affecting Dario as well.”



logo-fattoria-osella-2xDario Osella acquired the expertise from his parents and then opened the cheese factory where the cheeses of Fattorie Osella are still produced today, in Caramagna Piemonte.



scatto-robiola-storiaIn order to reach the large-scale distribution of his cheeses and benefit from communication support , Dario Osella signed an agreement with Mondelez Italia, keeping the remainder for himself and his family, and continuing to guarantee the quality of the ingredients, the century-old recipes and the relations with farmers.



Fattorie Osella is an example of excellence in the Italian cheese making sector, still located in its original birthplace in Caramagna Piemonte (CN). Its values are based on artisanal care, tradition, orientation towards innovation and respect for the environment, the surrounding territory, the animals and the community.