The Territory

We are located in Piedmont, a rich region in terms of history and gastronomic traditions which are founded on the production of excellent cheeses, but also chocolate, fine wines and truffles.


Fattorie Osella’s cheese factory, where all of our cheeses are produced just like they were sixty years ago, is located in Caramagna Piemonte.

fattorieosella-carro-rotondaCaramagna Piemonte (CN) is a small town in the middle of a rural oasis in the province of Cuneo, close to the foothills of Monviso, not far from the Langhe: consequently, it is the ideal environment for preserving the heritage of cheese making. 
Our bond with the territory is essential and indissoluble: it is thanks to the relationships with neighbouring pastures and farms in the area that RobiolaLineaAlpino and all of our cheeses still preserve the same goodness and quality that we have always guaranteed.